Atlas Promotions Management and Consultants Attend Retreat

​Atlas Promotions management and consultants attended an all-expenses-paid retreat for industry networking plus rest and relaxation.

Managers and consultants from Atlas Promotions attended a retreat designed to give top performers some rest and relaxation along with some opportunities to network and share ideas. Richard, one consultant who attended the retreat, shared, “This really was the trip of a lifetime. It was a trip to Portugal where we stayed in a waterfront resort, enjoyed fine dining, and relaxed! I had some really great conversations about new ideas for representing work while hanging out by the pool.” Everyone is sure Richard will continue excelling and can’t wait to watch him implement his new ideas.

Networking with other business professionals was only one perk of the all-expenses-paid vacation. The rest, relaxation, and idea sharing translated directly to renewed energy and enthusiasm in the office. 

Attendees from Atlas Promotions were chosen based on how well they applied the business management skills and professional development they learned. Management confirmed the value of the trip by commenting, “This was a great getaway for everyone involved and we’re glad that we got to give others the experience.”

Networking Opportunities Are Important for Success at Atlas Promotions

Networking is a key to business success regardless of your professional goals. Atlas Promotions managers pride themselves on teaching networking skills and giving consultants plenty of opportunities to use them. The latest rest and relaxation getaway was also a prime networking opportunity because leaders, management, and top performers were all gathered together enjoying the sun, water, and activities. Rather than networking in a formal business setting complete with suits and business cards, networking while on vacation means everyone was more relaxed and conversation flowed smoothly.

In addition to fun all-expenses-paid retreats, consultants have chances to network while travelling to industry conferences across Europe and when attending workshops locally. The consultants know that their networks should be broad in our industry, but should also be broad locally. “You never know who you’re going to meet who might open a new door for you or give you some great advice,” said Richard.

Richard and the rest of the consultants with Atlas Promotions are ready for the second half of the year. “I can’t wait to see what success we’ll have and what fun travel and networking opportunities present themselves,” said Richard.

About Atlas Promotions:

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