Atlas Promotions Hosts Unique International Coaching Event

​The Atlas Promotions management organised and executed a coaching event that involved accomplished business leaders from around the world. The firm’s Director detailed the gathering and the importance of ongoing education.

To further advance the Atlas Promotions commitment to professional development, company leaders recently hosted an event called the Master Class. Held at the Grand Central Hotel in Edinburgh, the Master Class gathered leading industry professionals from around the world to share their success insights. The firm’s Director of Operations stated, “We spearheaded this influential event, and we’re proud of the impact it’s making on people throughout our industry. Along with a big lunch outing in Edinburgh, attendees also visited the Atlas Promotions office.” 

The goal of this coaching session was to educate professionals on the best practises for sustained success. With highly-accomplished leaders from all over the world giving insightful presentations, this goal became a reality. The Director remarked, “We really emphasised the importance of preparation and confidence in your role. The process breakdown is systematic and, as explained in the Master Class, will yield results.” 

Business consultants from Atlas Promotions were just as inspired by the event as those who travelled great distances to attend. The Director commented, “It’s exciting to be around individuals who are like-minded and driven. Hosting this event was very empowering, because it’s good to know there are other people out there with business ambitions. The fact that we were all able to support each other was very important.” 

Atlas Promotions’ Director on the Value of Ongoing Professional Development

 The Atlas Promotions approach to development makes it easy for business-minded people to chart their own courses for success. This commitment to professional growth made the Master Class an ideal project for the company’s management. The Director commented, “Our consultants have at their disposal a variety of tools to master proven outreach techniques. They also get exposed to a wide range of administrative tasks and core business skills.” 

Ongoing learning is a key part of the Atlas Promotions ethos, which is another reason the Master Class was such a successful pursuit. “We want people from across the industry to embrace continuing development just like we do,” added the Director. “The Master Class was a way to share our love of coaching by bringing some of the most talented leaders in our industry together in one place. We’re ready to make it a regular occurrence.” 

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