Atlas Promotions Drove Results With Focussed Action in 2017

For Atlas Promotions, 2017 was a year of accomplishment and professional growth. The company management expressed excitement over everything its network of contractors achieved.

​For Atlas Promotions, 2017 was a year of accomplishment and professional growth. The company management expressed excitement over everything its network of contractors achieved.

The Atlas Promotions management recently conducted a review of the past year. It was quite a period of impressive growth for both the company and the contractors who work within its community. According to the management, conducting the annual review demonstrated how capable everyone involved with the organisation is and served to motivate the whole group.

“One of the most exciting moments during 2017 was the all-inclusive trip to Portugal,” one representative said. “It was a rest and relaxation trip that gave everyone in attendance an opportunity to unwind and enjoy the balmy weather. Socialising in such a casual environment gave the customer acquisition professionals there a chance to connect on a deeper level than would normally be possible.”

A group of Atlas Promotions independent contractors also visited offices around the United Kingdom to network and coach others. This initiative was called Tour UK. The community solidified its coaching options by holding monthly talent meetings.

In addition to coaching, the firm also expanded into several new territories. This growth reflects the increasing demand for Atlas Promotions’ outreach campaigns.

“This group of independent contractors are leaders of the highest calibre,” said a member of the management. “They are entrepreneurially minded individuals who bring strength and resolve to everything they do. Thanks to this group’s determination and talent, we will continue to expand. 2017 was an excellent year for us and we expect 2018 to be even better.”

The key goals for 2018 are travel, expansion into even more territories, and taking on new accounts, according to the Atlas Promotions management.

Atlas Promotions Management Discussed Goal Setting

The Atlas Promotions management has high aims for 2018. The firm has grown so much thanks to excellent goal-setting practises. Those working within the company’s network set clear objectives to accomplish each year. This empowers them to not only expand the business but also realise their own professional development goals.

“Starting with a specific definition is essential,” said one contractor. “To achieve success in anything, one must begin by knowing what success means. Specific and measurable goals tend to be the most motivating.”

Another campaign leader asserted that finding the right balance between realism and challenge is also important. People tend to be most effective when working towards ends that will push them out of their comfort zones but that are still attainable.

“Commitment is a must,” a third consultant concluded. “Follow every goal with passion and drive. That energy is the key to accomplishing anything imaginable.”

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