Atlas Promotions Celebrates Holidays and Each Other

Members of the Atlas Promotions community recently gathered for a formal industry-wide Christmas Gala. During this celebration, several top performers were recognised for their efforts during 2017.

“It was a lovely affair,” stated one network member from Atlas Promotions. “We enjoyed a delightful evening meeting with people from other communities within the industry. The event was well orchestrated, with plenty of little touches to add to the festivities.”

The Christmas gala was a black-tie affair that featured a delicious dinner and plenty of dancing to holiday favourites as well as today’s top sounds. “We kicked up our heels and had a fabulous time unwinding together after a year of hard work,” said another individual from the Atlas Promotions community. “Each person who was there has showcased his or her extraordinary talents this year.”
The Vice President was the keynote speaker for the event, which also included an end-of-the-year awards ceremony. Many network members from Atlas Promotions were recognised for their excellence throughout 2017.

Awards for sales achievement were presented to Blair D., Graham C., and Richard P. for leading from the front. Emerging Talent Awards for exceptional work were presented to Alec C., Ester P., and Vedrane D. 

“It was inspiring to listen to the Vice President discuss our collective successes this year,” said one person. “Truly an honour to be in such great company.”

Members of Atlas Promotions’ Network Describe Benefits of Community

The Christmas gala was more than a celebration for the network members from Atlas Promotions. It was an opportunity to witness the impact that comes from a supportive environment in which independent consultants can embark on a self-guided professional journey.

“Each individual who is part of this community is working towards his or her own vision of success,” explained one individual. “At the same time, it’s most helpful to be surrounded by others at various stages of their professional journeys who can provide guidance. It’s the best of both worlds.”

“What I enjoyed about the Christmas gala was the feeling of accomplishment we all shared,” said another independent consultant. “For me, this year has been about learning and perfecting the outreach model. I can’t wait to move to the next levels.”

As one aspiring entrepreneur noted, being part of this community means access to resources that can help further goals. “It’s good to have coaches and others who can encourage me to keep moving forward as I work on my professional objectives.”

“This year was excellent,” concluded one network member. “I look forward to what 2018 will bring.”

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